Advantages of Nafern brand Pre-packed Carbon Dioxide Absorber Canister

Medical soda lime Current status of clinical use:

1.Calcium and lime used clinically is mainly granules Current the design of canister,the gas exhaled by the patient will pass through the low density of calcium lime,most of calcium lime can not be used in 100%,so that it will be waste of calcium lime

2.During surgery , requires two people to cooperate to replace calcium lime , one operate anesthesia machine , one fill the calcium lime canister , it will take more than 5 mins

3.The calcium lime canister used many years,will increased the chance of a patient’s cross infection

4.Powder, doctors and patients may inhale dust,health damage, and may cause damage to the sterile environment of the operating room

Advantages of Nafern brand Pre-packed Carbon Dioxide Absorber Canister

1.Easy to change/No dust
just remove the old and fix the new one,few seconds,no dust,no damage to medical staff and environment

2.No infection
Nafern absorbent canister is dispossable product,could use about 6hours in Clinical application,one patient use 1pc to reduce cross infection greatly

3.Fully absorbed Internal isolation setting, fully absorb the Co2,avoid waste, save costs

4.Innovative design, compatible with all anesthesia machines

So far Nafern offer six kinds of Pre-packed Carbon Dioxide Absorber jar

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