Co2 Absorbent Calcium Lime Granules grade and application

As we introduced before,different diameters calcium lime With different absorption performance 
CD grade 2.5mm-5mm is commonly used for medical anesthesia machine and diving equipments
797 grade/S grade 1-2mm may used for military and submarine

So far,our factory mainly offer the below specification
At diameter of 1.8mm,2.5mm,3.8mm.5mm

Co2 Absorbent main application:

Removes CO2 from breathable gases in:

  • used to absorb expired CO2 during Anesthesia (in operation theatres).
  • used for removing Carbon Dioxide from oxygen-based metabolism, in estimation respirators, breathing apparatus, diving rebreathers.
  • removes CO2 from manned closed atmospheres, such as submarine, and closed circuit breathing apparatus, such as rebreathers.
  • It is extensively used in navies, for use by divers in submarines.
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