Inhibition of Flotation of Iron Sulfide Minerals and Natural Gold Particles

When flotation of various non-ferrous metal sulfide minerals with xanthate collectors (such as copper, lead, zinc and other sulfide minerals from ore), the ore usually contains a certain amount of iron sulfide minerals, such as yellow iron Ores, pyrite, pyrrhotite or pyrite are one of the main methods commonly used in production to suppress iron sulfide minerals.

When processing gold-containing polymetallic sulfide mineral ores with high content of valuable heavy metals (such as copper-containing, copper-zinc, lead-zinc, tellurium, arsenic and other gold-containing polymetallic sulfide ores), because these ores contain To remove harmful and floatable minerals, in order to eliminate adverse factors, in the actual production process, a flotation process combining mixed flotation and separation flotation is usually used, and lime is often used to adjust the pH value, and generally controlled mixed flotation pH = 7 ~ 8. Let most of the useful sulfide minerals float up, and then adopt a separation and flotation process that controls pH = 10 ~ 12 to suppress the separation of pyrite and achieve the purpose of separation.

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