Medical soda lime introduction

Medical soda lime is carbon dioxide absorbent, which is used to absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by patients in the anesthesia breathing is a routine medical consumable for the operating room,suitable for various anesthesia machines all over the world.

Chemical formula:CaO+NaOH+KOH+H2O

◆Safety, medical calcium lime main components of medical calcium lime are calcium hydroxide and water. It can contain a little of catalysts such as sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, no corrosion to the container.
◆ Medical calcium lime has low dust and does not block the pipeline.
◆ Medical soda lime particles are small, with large absorption area and high efficiency of absorption
◆ Medical calcium lime does not react with existing commonly used anesthetics and does not degrade volatile anesthetics.
◆ Medical calcium lime will not produce toxic by-products such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

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