Patented product with innovation design-NF-250WV pre-installed carbon dioxide absorber

NF-250WV is our latest Patented product with innovation design
Compared with Traditional Co2 absorber,we have 3 points innovation

1.Traditional Co2 absorber assembly on anesthesia machine and different brand anesthesia machine use different canister,for example Drager and GE anesthesia machine must use different canister design.
our canister used at the breath outgoing port,no matter the anesthesia machine brand is,because the breath outgoing port diameter is same in global(because of this point,so that our soda lime jar could used on any brand of anesthesia machine),just different brand machine,we may use a pipe aid,see below details.

2.Built-in ventilating pipe, so that the gas in the breathing circuit can be fully absorbed in the lime tank, and the carbon dioxide absorption effect is maximized.

3.At present, each can of bulk calcium lime on the market is used in multiple patients, and it is very easy to cross-infect between patients. The Nafern carbon dioxide absorber comes from this clinical pain point. The design concept of a single person and a single tank is designed for one-time use. Each tank has a net content of 400G and can be used for 6-8 hours to meet the use time of each patient for a single operation. Eliminate the risk of cross-infection, and avoid a series of hospital feeling problems caused by calcium lime.

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