Color Changing Desiccant
Color Changing Desiccant
Blue To pink Silica Gel Desiccant
absorbing moisture

500g Color Changing Desiccant

Particle: 3-5mm
Material: SiO2
Moisture: ≤5%
Shape: Blue translucent particles
CAS NO.: 112926-00-8
Function: Moisture absorption and dehumidification
Application: Electronic product,industrial products,transformer


Product Description

Allochroic silicagel Blue To pink Silica Gel Desiccant 3-5mm for Absorbing Moisture


Excellent moisture absorption performance, effectively protect items from moisture.
Material is indicator silica gel, which has obvious discoloration and is easy to observe.
Reusable, safety and environmentally, friendly.
Can be used with ventilated bags (the ventilated bags need to be purchased separately)


CAS No: 112926-00-8
Shape:Blue translucent particles
Material: 99% SiO2

Color Indication:
RH=20% Blue/Light Blue
RH=35% Purple/Mauve
RH=90% Light pink

Bulk Density (g/ml):≥0.75
Qualified Size Ratio (%):≥90

Absorptive Capacity :
RH=20% ≥8.0
RH=50% ≥22.0
RH=80% ≥36.0

Package standard:5Kg,16kg,20Kg,45kg barrel
Application:Moisture absorption and dehumidification
Warranty: 2 years

Dry Silica Gel

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