1.6kg soda lime
1.6kg soda lime
medical soda lime Jar
GE-omeda jar
calcium lime canister
soda lime canister

GE Soda Lime Jar Omeda Co2 Absorbent Canister

Model Number: NF-CL04
Product Name: Co2 absorbent canister
Color Idencation: White to violet
Weight(kg): 1.6±0.01kg
Inner Material: Medical soda lime
Particel Diameter: 2.5mm
Working Time: 25~30 hours
Certification: ISO/CE/MSDS
Application:GE-Ohmeda anesthesia machine


Product Description

NF-CL04 Pre-filled GE Ohmeda Soda Lime Jar Co2 Absorbent Canister Suitable For the Latest Anesthesia Machine

This is our new product 1.6KG calcium carbon dioxide lime canister, which is suitable for the latest anesthesia machines such as GE Ohmeda Carestation 620/650/650c, Pendant/650cWall Mount/750. Our product is a disposable sealed can that can be used directly without pollution, which is very convenient and popular with hospitals and doctors. It is also more reliable and stable in quality, and can meet the high requirements of customers. Products are also ahead of the market in terms of functionality and performance.

Application:GE-Ohmeda:Carestation 620/650/650c,Pendant/650c Wall Mount/750

1.The special drying and water replenishment technology greatly increases the pore size of the Co2 absorbent particles, ensuring the ability of the Co2 absorbent to absorb Co2 gas.

2. One person can complete the replacement of calcium-lime during the operation. Take the calcium-lime tank, tear off the sealing label of the air inlet and outlet, remove the invalid tank, and assemble the new tank, which is convenient and quick. It takes about 50 seconds.

3. The advanced production technology effectively guarantees the hardness of the Co2 absorbent particles. It is not easy to pulverize and has low dust. The calcium-lime tank and calcium-lime particles are all used at one time. The probability of patient cross-infection is extremely small. Dust, absolutely safe

4. The calcium-lime tank adopts a circular airflow guide design, so that the carbon dioxide gas and the calcium-lime particles are
fully contacted, which greatly improves the use efficiency of the calcium-lime particles, up to 200%, and the use time is about 20hours

5. Can be used in conjunction with all anesthetic gases, such as trifluoroethane, enflurane, isoflurane, desflurane and sevoflurane, etc., will not produce carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, compound A and other toxic substances.

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