Various related factors affecting the efficiency of calcium lime absorption of CO2

1.”Rebirth” Phenomenon
After the calcium soda lime have absorbed CO2, and after being left for a sufficient time, they can absorb CO2 again, and may absorb up to about two-thirds of the fresh calcium lime. The reason why this phenomenon occurs is that when calcium lime particles absorb CO2, they gradually diffuse from their surface into the deep voids of the particles. This step is performed simultaneously with absorption, so that calcium lime can “regenerate” and resume its absorption ability. However, the time required for “rejuvenation” is much longer than the surface absorption. From the test, it is necessary to rest for more than 24 hours to see the obvious effect. The denser the particles, the smaller the particle voids, the slower the “regeneration” phenomenon, but the calcium lime cannot be made too loose, and it can be easily crushed into powder or agglomerated, resulting in increased resistance and decreased absorption efficiency.

2.The Temperature
The temperature generally rises sharply within 30min when calcium lime absorbs CO2, the average is 41 ℃. It will rise less in the future, basically stable at 43.5 degrees Celsius, and up to 45.2 degrees Celsius. After the calcium and calcium have completely absorbed CO2, the temperature of the calcium and lime has not decreased significantly. It can be seen that the “end point” of clinically effective effects cannot be judged correctly by the heating temperature.

3.Effect of Calcium Lime Canister Filling
If the calcium lime can is not filled enough and loose, the effective time will be shortened, but if the can is shaken after absorption, the contact surface of the particles will be redistributed, so that it can be reabsorbed CO2, which indirectly improves the absorption efficiency of calcium lime.

4.Relation With Gas Flow Rate
At low air flow rate (5% CO2 content, flow rate is 3-6 liters / minute), almost all Co2 could be absorbed, if the flow rate is added, it cannot be absorbed completely. The larger the flow rate, the more leakage, so The “depletion” of calcium lime will also accelerate as the flow increases.

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